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Kimberly O’Hara has an absolute passion for children and animals.  When walking her Yorkie (aka, Bugs Boodle), she noticed that little children would aggressively rush to her pup; often scaring him and potentially putting themselves at risk.

Author, Kimberly O'Hara

Author, Kimberly O’Hara

She realized that many children are needlessly injured and many dogs are unfairly punished for what naturally follows such behavior.  So, she wrote Bugs Boodle’s Book of Basics.  It entertains young children while teaching them simple “rules” that help keep them safe around family pets and the other dogs they will undoubtedly encounter.

Kimberly recognized that children often don’t retain the training they receive from an adult perspective.  However, they do retain lessons that are communicated in a fun way from their perspective.  That’s why Bugs Boodle’s Book of Basics features whimsical rhyme and colorful pictures.

She also designed the book to be a shared and progressive experience.  Parents, grandparents and older siblings can spend quality time reading it to the “little ones” in their lives until such time that the children can read begin to read it themselves.

While children are delighted by the story and the pictures, they are learning all the time. The repetitive nature of the lessons means that it’s far more likely that the children will remember to “do the right thing” when they interact with a family pet or are confronted with the temptation to approach a strange dog.  This is particularly important because an adult can’t always be there to guide them.

Kimberly plans on writing a series of Bugs Boodle books that help children learn lessons that will keep them safe and happy throughout their lives.

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